Remembering the Garrison (and its theatre) at Eldon House on Remembrance Day

Garrison Theatricals’ Mark Tovey will be giving a Remembrance Day lecture on Sunday, November the 11th at 2PM at the Eldon House Interpretive Centre. Mark will be theatrically assisted by John Biehn (who played the comic role of Wilbur in The Miller and His Men),  by Roxanne Lutz of Misstorical Fiction, and by writer Erin Moxam. History will be mixed with drama as John, Roxanne, and Erin bring characters from London’s past to life through readings of diary entries, letters, and newspaper reviews. The Londoner Online led with this story on their front page this morning (Remembering the Officers of the London Garrison).

Update: See Roxanne Lutz’s account of the afternoon (with photos!) over at Misstorical Fiction (Playing the Past with Fellow time Travellers).

Poster for Eldon House Lecture on Garrison Theatre by Mark Tovey


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