John Biehn in Broadway Blitz

voicesofbroadwaylargeOur friends in Voices of Broadway, a choir which includes John Biehn, who played John Harris in A Theatre of Our Own, and Wilbur in The Miller and His Men, will be performing tonight (Saturday, January 18th) at 7:30PM at CentreSpace, in the Bishop Cronyn Memorial Church. The show is called Broadway Blitz.

The concert program will include medleys from Oklahoma, JC Superstar, the Little Mermaid and Seussical, among other offerings, and includes many choreographed and off-book numbers. Tickets available at the door, or through the CentreSpace website.
Location: Centre Space for the Performing Arts

Bishop Cronyn Memorial Church
442 William Street
(the same venue as A Theatre of Our Own)

Regular: $20.00
Senior: $15.00
Student: $10.00

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