Below is a list of actors known to have played roles on the stage of London ON’s Theatre Royal in the 1840s. If you are aware of any actors we have missed, or biographies of actors not linked below, please let us know below, and we would be pleased to update this list.

William Mercer Wilson

William Mercer Wilson (1813-1875) acted in London

Members of the London militia

William Mercer Wilson (1813-1875)

Officers of the London Garrison (1840s)

[Lieutenant Wm. L.Y.] Baker, 73rd (1841 Army List)
John Herbert Caddy (1813-1875) (1841 Army List)
[Assist.-Surgeon Richard James O’Flaherty] Dr. “O’Flarity”, 83rd (1841 Army List)
Daniel Lysons, 1st Royals (1816-1898) (1841 Army List)

Gentleman Amateurs (local amateur actors, 1840s)

Mr. John Askin (1788-1869)
Mr. Allen
Mr. Becher
Mr. Cleverly
Mr. Frank Cook
Mr. Herbert Dixon
Mr. Gill
Mr. Gordon
Mr. A. Keir
Mr. [Graves] Simcoe Lee (d. 1912, age 83)
Mr. Charles Leonard
Mr. Lundy
Mr. Wilson Mills
Mr. Charles Moore
Mr. Jas. Shanly
Mr. Street
Mr. Dixie Watson

The Shakespeare Club (local amateur actors)

Henry G.A. Allen
Henry C.R. Becher (1817-1885)
Mr. Denby
Herbert Dixon
Alexander Gordon
James Hamilton (1810-1896)
A. Keir
Wilson Mills
Charles G. Moore
Robert M. Moore
Mr. Powell
Mrs. Powell
Edward U. Sayers
Coote N. Shanly
James Shanly
William W. Street
Dixie Watson


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